You Like Murderers, Mutts and Monsters

What my most-read stories tell me about YOU

Image by PicsbyFran from Pixabay

Tell yourself that all you like. Your reading tastes, at least on my site, tell me a different story.

In 2020, I wrote about poets, philosophers, and kings ( a president-elect being an American-kind of king). Did you care? Enough to click? Not so much. My stats say you’re more taken with murderers, mutts and monsters.

Some 600 unwanted husbands were hurried along to meet their maker thanks to the concoctions of this convicted murderess. Even more disturbing? The number of YOU, dear readers, who clicked through to make this my most-read article of 2020. Were you looking to pick up pointers?

The women who were bedded by this barbarian, this body-shamer, and this heinous belly-jumper surely thought they’d married monsters. Judging by this story’s popularity, lots of you like rubbernecking at wretched relationships.

Despite your fascination with murderous and monstrous humans, your abiding love of our four-legged friends reassures me of the basic goodness of your heart. Would a psychopath care what his dog thought? I think not. But YOU cared enough to read this dog’s ode to his human.

Strive to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are. — J.W. Stephens

Humorist. Essayist. Storyteller. Poet. Lyricist. Writing Coach. 😂 Published in Reader’s Digest 🇨🇦, Writer’s Digest, Medium & more. @judymillar

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