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Unlike your Chevy Malibu, your body did not come with an owner’s manual. Luckily, author Bill Bryson has your back. And your front. And your bottom. Pretty much all your parts are covered in his fascinating book, The Body: A Guide for Occupants. Did you know:

  1. Your brain has shrunk


Two women (or one woman looking in a mirror) hold a cigarette.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Vietnam War was in full swing. Race riots were erupting on American streets. Meanwhile, my best friend Val and I had more pressing matters on our minds. We needed to learn how to smoke.

Everybody who was anybody smoked in the Sixties, or so we thought. Female television stars…

A clock face suspended in outer space registers quarter to twelve on its roman numerals.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

William Shatner, the iconic actor best known for playing “Captain Kirk” on Star Trek, went “out of this world” for real last week. When a nonagenarian actor goes “zero gravity” aboard a billionaire’s rocket, we have a history-making news day!

The space dust had scarcely settled on Amazon founder Jeff…


A goofy-looking brown chicken stares at the viewer. A thought-bubble protruding from her head says, “Well, THAT was Awkward.”
Photo by Hana Oliver on Unsplash, altered by author.

My embarrassing moments in life began right out of the gate. I wasn’t even surprised when my mother told me I was a breech birth. I think I vaguely recall tumbling around in utero, trying to get the head part aimed down. My left knee had become hooked over my…


A whimsically humorous green ceramic frog photographs his ceramic frog partner as she reclines on her bed.
CC0 Public Domain

Your mom swore her chicken soup would help cure your cold. Was she right? Author Anahad O’Connor has the answer. He researched more than one hundred common myths, legends and old wives’ tales in his book, Never Shower in a Thunderstorm: Surprising Facts and Misleading Myths About Our Health and…

A pair of black eyeglasses sits on top of an optometrist’s eye chart.
Photo by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

I am not a cheater. Not exactly. As a student, I earned every one of my dismal Math marks. I pay every penny of my taxes. I am wholly monogamous (or mostly, if you can allow for a few George Clooney fantasies). And yet . . . …

A display of mini cups and saucers, painted eggs and bric-a-brac.
Image by M. H. from Pixabay

I’ve arrived in my seventies with SO MUCH baggage.

Do you want a Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster? You’re in luck. This contraption hasn’t been compressed by my quivering thighs since circa 1990, but it regularly jams up my closet door. It’s yours for the taking — and for the quaking.


The face of American actor Morgan Freeman stares from within a Google Nest screen display on author Judy Millar’s kitchen counter.
Nest Photo: Judy Millar (author); Image: Morgan Freeman from Iconspng

My husband, never one to come home from Costco empty-handed, has outdone himself. He just brought home a new girlfriend and installed her in our kitchen.

As women go, she’s not taking up a lot of space. She’s claimed a small corner of the counter, setting up shop inside his…

The image of an Indigenous altar-boy holding an upside-down cross is graffitied onto the crumbling bricks of St. Michael’s Indian Residential School in Alert Bay, B.C.
Indigenous child’s image graffitied on St. Michael’s Residential School. Photo: Judy Millar (author)

Canadians and others have been shaken by the recent grim discovery of the remains of 215 children buried at the former Kamloops, B.C. Indian Residential School, and a further 751 unmarked graves at the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan.

These shocking numbers will certainly grow as other First…

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